Bounty Boards/Entertaining

Bounty Boards/Entertaining


Weddings! New homes!  Birthdays!  Friends! Celebrations!  

Entertain with grace. Our live edge Original Chesapeake Bay Bounty and Banquet Boards are the perfect showcase of your hospitality and care. 

Bring on the delicious with our OCB Bounty Boards which hold from 1'-4' of breads, cheeses, meats, hors d'oeuvres.  Our OCB Banquet Boards stretch from 4 feet to up to 10+ feet to be the center piece of a sumptous repast! 

Smaller bar boards at about 8"-12" provide just that needed work area and are beautiful to remain out all the time. Bread boards to slice and showcase the natural beauty of breads.  Coasters that protect your surfaces beautifully.